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The MV Lena Dive Wreck

MV Lena Helm Station - Photo Credit Brenton Wohlrab

FV Lena (Now known as MV Lena)

The Russian (ex) registered FV Lena is a 55-meter-long fishing vessel that was apprehended by The Australian Navy after a long pursuit up the West Coast of Australia after being seen poaching Patagonian Toothfish, some 4000 kms south of Albany, on the southern coast of the state.
The Bunbury Chamber of Commerce & Industry along with local business operators vied for and won a bid to have the vessel relocated to Bunbury local waters. Then in December 2003 after a year of preparation, The MV Lena was successfully scuttled in 17 meters of water.

With much of the wreck sitting between 8 and 14 meters it makes for an ideal site for qualified Open Water divers and above.
This accessible site provides good ‘bottom times’ allowing you to thoroughly explore the wreck and take in the abundant marine life.
Keep an eye out for the resident Turtle who is often seen effortlessly gliding nearby!

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Enjoy A Unique Underwater Experience Diving MV Lena Dive Wreck

The MV Lena dive wreck is situated in just 18 metres of water boasting expansive swim throughs and an exposed engine room displaying its motors in place.

Divers exploring the MV Lena dive wreck often encounter Wobbegong and Port Jackson sharks, Bonito, Dhufish, Stingrays, Baldchin Groper, Samson Fish, Skippy, Leatherjackets, Flathead, Cuttlelfish & Squid along with dozens of small reef fish varieties making the perfect underwater photo opportunity.

With so much in just 20 metres of water this is truly an underwater wonderland and ideal diving for all open water certified scuba divers.

The MV Lena Dive Wreck

MV Lena Dive Wreck - A World Class Dive Wreck In Our Own Bunbury Waters

Bunbury Exclusive Cruises operates the only Bunbury-based charter vessel taking qualified divers to ‘The Lena’. This purposely scuttled vessel lay only a few nautical miles from the Bunbury outer harbour, meaning you spend less time cruising, and more time diving with only a 20-25 minute transit time.
The MV Lena wreck is known as an easy dive site although it is recommended best dived in low winds and light swell. With that said “The Lena” presents a unique diving environment for all levels of experienced divers. The MV Lena dive wreck differs itself from other dive wrecks with its open space engine room exposing the main engine and generators. Even the propeller is exposed making the dive a true underwater adventure! The Lena dive wreck will continue to thrive as a reef ecosystem giving us an evolving, world class dive wreck. Make contact with the team today to enquire about booking your Lena experience.