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Good Times
Are On The Water

The only thing that can beat being on the water, is being under it! And in the nearby waters around Bunbury, there are spectacular dive sites that offer something for everyone ranging from  new Open Water Divers through to experienced and adventurous Deep Water Explorers.

All our dive charters include comfortable, spacious & safe transit to our dive sites, 2 dives or approximately 60 minutes each, hot & cold drinks and BBQ lunch included!

* Divers must be suitably qualified and experienced at the applicable level for each dive location. Proof of Certification will be required at time of booking.

FV Lena Bow
Bunbury Blade Corals

Blade Corals
The 60-minute cruise is well worth the extra time taken to get to the exquisite Blade Corals,  approximately 12 nautical miles west of Bunbury.

Located in 30 – 33 meters of water, this dive is for the experienced diver with Advanced Qualified certification.

With a good chance to spot big Dhuies and Crays, this large coral outcrop offers visibility up to 35 meters and beyond and a good day.

After experiencing this excellent deep dive at ‘The Blades’, recharge back on board with a hot drink and morning tea as we cruise to another nearby reef site for your 2nd dive… A Cracker of a Day!

It’s More than a Dive… It’s a Lasting Memory!

Padi Certified

Did you know that Bunbury Exclusive Cruises is the only PADI Certified Dive Boat in the South West of WA, meaning we are endorsed by the world’s largest ocean exploration and diver organisation as a dive tour company of choice.  
We are also the only Bunbury based commercial vessel taking divers to the many unique and accessible dive locations off the coast of Bunbury.

Where to Dive:

There are over a dozen great dive locations off Bunbury’s coastline and the most popular include the exhilarating MV Lena Dive Wreck, expertly scuttled in 18 meters of water, the expansive and stunning Blade Corals with dive depths to 30 metes + and the truly amazing (and little known) Leather Jacket Cave, in crystal clear shallow waters just off our northern coastline where countless fish swarm in and out of a large tunnel opening. 
However if you are not into scuba diving and snorkelling is more your thing then there are plenty of excellent local snorkel locations with colourful outcrops and varied marine visible from the surface. Of course this includes Bunbury’s famous (and wildly abundant) bottlenose dolphin population.

What to Expect:

From the moment you step aboard ‘Obsession 1′, you’ll know you are in for a day to remember. Our friendly and experienced crew are there to assist with the loading of guests and all the gear which is quickly and safely stored aboard this comfortable and spacious 34 foot Seaquest vessel. Once aboard you’ll receive a clear and informative safety briefing and an overview of the day’s activities before your skipper sets off to your first dive destination. 
As we make our way out of Bunbury’s Casuarina outer harbour, our on-board Dive Master will provide a detailed overview of the day’s dive site location/s, detailing what to be mindful of and what spectacular things to keep an eye out for… Certainly you’ll sense very early on that Safety And Good Times are the joint priorities.
With the ability to raise or lower full length blinds down both port and starboard lengths of the boat, your crew will ensure that the onboard temperatures are comfortable for all while you enjoy the scenery, the music and the building anticipation as we head to your dive location.
With many of the best local dive spots only a few nautical miles offshore, travel times are short giving you more time in the water and less time steaming to a location. As we approach your dive site, it’s time to get kitted up with pre-assigned dive buddies, each running checks and cross-checks to ensure everything is right before you jump in. Our experienced skippers are adept at anchoring the vessel right near the dive spot so you don’t have a marathon swim to reach the good stuff!
Once the all clear is given by the skipper and engines are off, our crew are there to assist you with your disembarkation. And with twin exit / entry gates each side of the stern, we can get a boat load of divers safely in the water in a matter of minutes. A floating mermaid line off the stern provides additional surety & safety if you are waiting for other to join you.

This is your time - So Go Explore!

As you experience the underwater wonderland, your crew is preparing a delicious morning tea (for after your first dive) and then a light BBQ lunch (after second dive) – all of which is included in your dive fee.
Following your second dive and after you have de-kitted, had a fresh water rinse off and donned dry clothes, you can recharge with a hot or cold drink and satisfying BBQ food, as your crew pulls anchor and makes way for our Bunbury home port while you share your photos, stories and good times with the others on-board – and maybe a social media post or 2 to those who may be wishing they had joined you!
Time permitting, we’ll take a short deviation and pay a visit to ‘The Cut’ where it is almost a certainty that we’ll spot pods of dolphins.
Once back at Casuarina Harbour, our crew are again hands-on assisting with unloading onto the spacious commercial jetty with fresh water wash down facilities at hand. Your day is complete!

A dive with Bunbury Exclusive Cruises truly is a memory in the making!

We look forward to having you aboard soon!